Protect yourself against oxidative stress

Reduce oxidative stress with hydrogen water

I decided to put this site up because I wanted to make people aware that there is a new healthy drink has been created which helps people with various forms of illness, by reducing oxidative stress and reactive oxygen species which is a major contributing factor of aging and illness.

Hydrogen gas therapy potential

Medical studies into hydrogen therapy

There have been over 400 hundread studies on the effects of drinking hydrogen water and the science behind it is growing year on year.

What is hydrogen water?

Hydrogen water is water that has had hydrogen gas bubbled through it until it is saturated with the hydrogen gas. The level of hydrogen will slowly degrade in quality if the hydrdogen gas is not prevented from leaving the solution, or container. The water is best drunk immediately after being made unless in specialised air tight and UV protected packaging.

There is a lot of mis-information going in the healthy water industry, and essentially the industry is mistaking alkaline water for hydrogen water, the term alkaline water only means the water is alkaline and has a high ph, the confusion is further complicated when many hydrogen water producers have naively called it alkaline water.

Here Professor Tyler Lebaron discusses:
What is alkaline water and below is a video of Tyler explaining the unique qualities of hydrogen water and hydrogen gas therapy.

Drinking 2 litres of hydrogen enriched water a day relieves many common ailments and aids/helps the recovery of many well known diseases by providing the body with an extra 1 - 3mg of molecular hydrogen.

Hydrogen water even effects exercise by reducing blood lactic acid levels and fixing oxidative stress afterwards.